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Early Bird Sign-Up Special

July Constant Campaign

New Consultants who sign up during July will receive their choice of a new Fundamental paper packet* bundled together with its coordinating Complements FREE—and that’s in addition to the $60 CAD in Select Product Credit they get for signing up! This Early Bird Special is an excellent opportunity for those that simply can’t wait to get their hands on the exciting new products coming in Annual Inspirations 2016–2017 idea book.
*Choose from Whimsy, Adventure, and Enchantment Fundamentals. No tax is charged for free items. Standard New Consultant Kit shipping rates will apply. No additional shipping/handling will be charged for this promotion.
Campaign Item Information 2.  What Fundamentals bundles can new Consultants choose from? #CC1140 Whimsy Fundamentals (Z3255) Baby Girl Complements (Z3272) #CC1141 Whimsy Fundamentals (Z3255) Baby Boy Complements (Z3273) #CC1142 Adventure Fundamentals (Z3253) Good Life Complements (Z3264) #CC1143 Enchantment Fundamentals (Z3254) School K-6 Complements (Z3265) #CC1144 Enchantment Fundamentals (Z3254) School 7-12 Complements (Z3266) 
3. What is the full retail value of each Fundamentals bundle? The full retail value of each bundle is $31.90 USD/$40.75 CAD. 
4. Where can I find out more information about the Fundamentals papers and Complements? Photos and descriptions of these items can be found on pages 14–25 of the 2016– 2017 Annual Inspirations idea book. 
5. Can I buy the items contained in these bundles at their full retail price? Yes. Each item is available for Consultants to purchase in accordance with the preview period purchasing guidelines found in the General Idea Book FAQ. Ordering Details 
6. What do new Consultants have to do to qualify for the free bundle? Simply enroll as a new Close To My Heart Independent Consultant during the month of July. The date upon which the new Consultant application is submitted is the date that will count for this campaign (not the date the application was approved). 
7. Is there a Consultant preview period for this promotion? No. 
8. Is there a grace period for enrollments? No. For any enrollments that are not instantly approved, the new Consultant will still be eligible for this promotion once her enrollment is approved as long as the application was submitted before the deadline. 
9. How many free Fundamentals bundles can each new Consultant qualify for? Each new Consultant is eligible to receive only one free bundle. 
10. Can former Consultants sign up again and be eligible for a free Fundamentals bundle? Yes. If a former Consultant’s three-month waiting period has passed and they are eligible to sign up during the month of July, they are eligible to receive a free Fundamentals bundle with their kit. 
11. How do prospective Consultants add their free Fundamentals bundle to their New Consultant Kit order? During enrollment, they will be prompted to add the Fundamentals bundle of their choice. The Fundamentals bundle will then be included in their New Consultant Kit. 
12. If a new Consultant enrolls using a kit code that was given to them by a Director through the Director Kit checkout program, will they still receive the free Fundamentals bundle of their choice? Yes! We will ship the free Fundamentals bundle of their choice separately at no extra cost once they enter their kit code online, submit their application and the application is approved. Shipping, Tax & Commissions 
13. Will tax be charged on this promotion? No tax is charged for free items in the US or Canada. 
14. Will shipping/handling be charged on this promotion? Standard New Consultant Kit shipping rates will be charged. The rates are as follows: 15 Canada $20 
I really love playing with all of the Close to My Heart products which I purchase for 22% off the retail price. Becoming a Close to my Heart Consultant was one of the best decisions I ever made! I have been an independent Close to mY Heart consultant for   9.5 years. I would love for you to join my team, but before you do, I am sure you have lots of questions. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about signing up with Close to my Heart.

You too can enjoy using the great products , get training and support along the way and meet some great new friends. Why not contact me for a personal call and find out more information about becoming a consultant ?

The Consultant Opportunity
There is a place for everyone at CTMH and on my Secret Sisters  team! Being a CTMH Consultant is as individual and unique as you are. People join for many different reasons; you may have goals similar to the ones listed below.

• SHORT-TERM CONSULTANT: Sells for a short period of time to earn a specified amount of money or create a specific project then stops when the goal is reached.

• HOBBYIST CONSULTANT: Likes the idea of buying lots of products for personal use at a discount and occasionally sells to friends and family. (That's how I began) 

• TEACHING CONSULTANT: Loves doing workshops and classes and earning extra money; by holding monthly workshops or by offering crops/retreats on a quarterly base. This gives you the flexibility to stabilize a monthly work flow or concentrate your time a one particular event per quarter. You benefit from the 22% discount every step of the way. (This is where I am now.

• CAREER CONSULTANT: Views CTMH as a profitable business with a long-term career potential, start the day knowing you are your own boss! Wants to move up the career ladder, build a strong team. Regularly attends CTMH events and has developed close social relationships with other Consultants; works at her business in a consistent manner.

I’m sure you have lots more questions, before you sign-up.

How much does it cost to get started? 
The Consultant kit is only $95 (plus tax and shipping) it is valued at approximately $530. 

Here is what you get when you sign up.


  • Medium Organizer (Z4139, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Block 2" × 6½" (Y1010, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Block 1" × 3½" (Y1002, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Block 2" × 2" (Y1003, qty 1)
  • Non-Stick Microtip Scissors (Z1836, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Stamp Scrubber (Z1782, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778, qty 1)
  • Bonding Memories™ Glue (1512, qty 1)
  • 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151, qty 1)
  • Sponge (Z697, qty 1)
  • Customer Order Forms (W101, qty 1 pack of 25)
  • Annual Inspirations Idea Book (WC1171, qty 5)
  • Seasonal Expressions 2 (WCS1163, qty 5)
  • Cardstock Sampler (W1167, qty1)
  • Fundamentals Sampler (W1170, qty 1)
  • Seasonal Expressions 2 B&T Duos™ Sampler (W1144, qty 1)
  • A Little Love – Petite Perks Incentive Stamp Set (W2035, qty 3)
  • Gathering Invitations (W1129, qty 1 pack of 25)
  • Desk Pad (W1140, qty 1 pack of 50)
Items shown represent contents of New Consultant Kits ordered between July 1, 2016 and July 31, 2016. Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice, and change regularly based on product and collateral availability. Shipping and handling and applicable taxes apply.
*Choose from Whimsy, Adventure, and Enchantment Fundamentals. No tax is charged for free items. Standard New Consultant Kit shipping rates will apply. No additional shipping/handling will be charged for this promotion.

What are the minimum sales requirements?
To stay "active" as a Consultant you will need to sell a minimum of $300 per quarter. Most Consultants find that this goal can be reached in one or two workshops per quarter. You can host a gathering “real or virtual on-line”( ie even a Facebook Party) and your own purchases count too!

What if I decide it’s not for me; will I be penalized if I stop? Do I need to return the kit?
The kit is yours to keep. Simply stop placing orders. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements, you will no longer be an active consultant. No penalties, no questions asked. And you can keep the kit; it’s yours, no strings attached.

What are the incentives? Can I earn additional FREE products?
There are so many perks with this business; I don’t know where to start! Here are just a few!

• As a new Consultant, CTMH wants you to hit the ground running. The facts are, new Consultants are more likely to have long-term success when they enjoy immediate success with their sales. 
• Our (STTT) Straight to the Top program is designed just for that. You will have the chance to earn back the cost of your initial investment, when you submit $1200 in sales in your first three months. Yes, this includes your personal orders.
• The ability to be your own “hostess” and earn FREE hostess sets and products on your own personal orders.
• You can work to achieve the annual incentive trip… the company gives you many opportunities to do so. 

How will I make money as a Consultant?
• Consultants enjoy a discount of 22%-35% pending monthly sales.
• Additionally, you can earn up to $75 in FREE select product credits each and every month.
• Senior Directors and above also earn an additional 5%-15% of personal override commission ON TOP of their regular commission and even more product credit! Your earning potential is unlimited.

Where do I get ideas for my workshops? 
• CTMH has many resources for Consultants, including the Idea Books 
• Online: Bulletin boards for: artwork, business, templates, Studio J, swaps, mentoring and more 
• Gathering projects including: supply list, required tools, cutting guide and assembly instructions 
• Pre-designed workshops for both cards and scrapbooking 
• CTMH You Tube Channel 
• Jeanette Lynton Blog
• and MY personal workshop packages

Does CTHM offer additional event training?
• There are annual events such as Leadershare and Convention.
• Reconnect CTMH Regional seminars in both Canada and the US. 
• Training video exclusively for Consultants

Where can I go for additional support?
• A 24/7 Consultant website 
• A 1-800 number that you can call if you have questions
• An entire listening library
• Various Facebook groups exclusive to Consultants
• Various Pinterest boards 
• Email or call “ME” directly

How do I promote my business?

• All Consultants automatically get a FREE website, so your friends and customers can place online order 24 hours a day!( shopping in their PJ's!)
• CTMH also sends out FREE monthly newsletter to those customers who enroll to receive email campaign newsletters. This is a wonderful communication tools you can share with your customers. 
• Consultant locator by city- Yes I have gained new customers looking for a consultant in my area

How do you sign up? 
• Visit my website 
  • Click on " Let's get Started"

• Fill out an application ***be sure to enter “Carol Taggio” when prompted to choose your upline***.  Your kit will be on its way to you within be next 10 days.

The Secret Sisters Ink Team is a small but energetic group and I would be your upline. Together we will come up with ideas to help you along your new journey as a CTMH Consultant.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I know you will, too. One of the reasons I love it so much is because of the friendships I’ve made. My CTMH sister Gail is my SFF “Scrapbooking Friend Forever!”
I would not have met her if it wasn’t for CTMH. I hope I have answered some of your questions, thanks for stopping by!


Do you crave creativity, relish warm relationships, or savor industry? We embrace all types, whether you’re creative-, community-, or business-minded. By becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant, you join an elite team that supports and honors what makes you exceptional.
It’s easy to join. Start by clicking on the “Let’s Get Started” link on my website and completing the form.
As part of your enrollment you will purchase the New Consultant Kit for only  $149 CAD. Each kit includes the basic business and creative supplies you need to start your journey! 

(Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.)

 Ready to join?

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